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Personal Training & Group Fitness Studio 
Take the upgrade on your fitness 


SmileyFitNation is a boutique training studio located in Center City Philadelphia near Rittenhouse Square at 1923 Chestnut Street, 4th Floor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103. We offer customized personal training programs and group fitness classes to clients of all fitness levels. Our program offerings include TRX® Suspension and TRX Rip Trainer, bootcamp workouts, optimal performance training, strength and conditioning, and functional training.


Deryl is a Florida native who grew up in Jacksonville before moving to Philadelphia as a teenager. With many of his family members having served in the military, engaging in physical fitness and survival training drills were a normal part of his life. This upbringing ultimately helped Deryl choose a career doing what he loves best - helping make people stronger, more resilient, and life-ready. Deryl has a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and holds a Personal Training Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He has over 20 years of experience as a personal trainer and experience with special populations (pregnancy, postpartum, seniors, and people with temporary or chronic health conditions).


Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES); Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES); Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS); TRX Certified; TRX Rip Trainer Certified; Kettlebell Certified; Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor Certified; and Integrated Nutrition Certified.


Let us be your guide

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Personal training is for anyone who wants to improve their physical condition and performance with the help of an expert. Our personal trainers will analyze your form, movement, and flexibility to create a custom workout plan based on your fitness goals. Whether you want to run a faster mile, are recovering from an injury, preparing for a wedding, or looking for a wider range of conditioning and training regimens, our trainers will help make sure you are doing the right things to get there.  We can help you get better results faster, teach you proper form and technique to avoid injury, overcome plateaus, and establish healthy lifetime habits.


This month-long advanced personal training program is intended for people preparing for important life events - wedding day fitness/bride and groom fitness programs, pregnancy, post-natal fitness recovery, injury rehabilitation, triathlon or competitive sporting event - or for people looking to get a jump start on their fitness goals. This program includes a personal training consultation, 8 private personal training sessions (60 minutes), workout assignments to do at home, and nutritional guidance.


This assisted-stretch session on the massage table will help alleviate tight sore muscles and improve flexibility and circulation. Faster recovery means better performance!


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Attention Adrenaline Junkies:

This fast-paced total body workout is just the right ratio of cardio and strength training. It will not only burn calories, develop lean muscle mass, and improve your core development, it will also improve your cardio and muscle endurance.

Heat Wave Circuit Class

This small group circuit class takes place in a heated room and focuses on intermediate and advanced strength and cardio exercises.   Push yourself to new levels of strength and endurance with this class! Equipment includes squat rack and stand for weight lifting and strength and cardio equipment.


Using the TRX Rip trainer, this class will help you achieve your best all-around fitness by focusing on your core's functional strength. This workout includes high intensity intervals and cardio, giving you a good dose of heart-thumping conditioning.

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